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hurricane protection
The Insurance Store of CT would like to remind homeowners that you can take measures toward hurricane protection this season. When we are in the path of a storm, preparation can prevent costly storm damage. Just a reminder that with the right policy from Insurance Store of CT, hurricane damage will not be one of your worries. It’s hurricane season in Connecticut, and we never know what to expect. When we are in the path of  a hurricane, we expect very high winds and a potential for water damage and roof failure. We can even get a winter hurricane, a nor’easter or a hail storm that can damage your home and automobile. Hopefully we won’t even get to meet the first storm of the season, but if we do it’s always of upmost importance to be prepared. Make sure that your roof is in top condition, because the rooftop is your home’s defense from the elements. Check your attic ventilation, because large quantities of water can get blown inside the vents when winds reach up to 90 miles per hour. Windows and doors, shuttering the windows is an excellent defense against breaking glass.  Also check your surroundings. Secure or put loose items away in your yard, like lawn furniture, recycle bins, toys, tools and bicycles. This includes metal garbage can lids, which can become airborne in a storm. No one wants to think about suffering a loss, but in the event that Connecticut does have a nasty hurricane season The Insurance Store of Connecticut is designed to provide you coverage. If you are interested in learning more about how we can protect your home call The Insurance Store of Connecticut at 860-645-1960.


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