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Antique Auto Insurance

What qualifies as an antique car? An antique car as one that was manufactured at least 26 years ago and is “used as a collector’s item.” Distinctions are also often drawn between “antique”, “classic” and “vintage” automobiles. The first thing that will happen when you sit down with an insurance provider is that the two of you will determine the “agreed value” of your vehicle. Typically, the agreed value is determined by a professional appraisal. It is important that in the event your precious antique is damaged, destroyed or stolen, your insurance pays you the agreed value for your vehicle and not the “actual cash” or “stated” value.

All antique auto policies will significantly limit the ways in which you may utilize your vehicle. You will typically be limited to using it at car shows, exhibitions, auto club events, parades, and similar activities. Many companies include a severe stated mileage limit as well. And most will require that your antique automobile is stored in a very specific way when not in use. So, be clear on how you intend to use and store your vehicle before you sign on to any policy. Coverages are usually the same as for a regular auto policy with different liability limits to choose from and comprehensive and collision deductibles.

Before you renew your antique auto insurance policy contact Sheri at The Insurance Store of Connecticut. Sheri has extensive knowledge in all types of insurance. She has been providing Manchester, Bolton and surrounding CT towns with her expertise for over 25 years.  The Insurance Store of Connecticut is ready to help you with all of your future Auto insurance needs. The Insurance Store of Connecticut 303 East Center St, Manchester, CT 06040. Request A Quote.



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