Whether you have a new home or you want better rates, shop for home insurance for your Hebron CT home with the Insurance Store of CT. The Insurance Store is an independent agency, with access to many plans offered by leading insurance carriers. For your family’s peace of mind, you should have the best homeowners insurance coverage you can afford. When shopping around for CT Homeowners Insurance, it’s not just about rates. Sure, you want a local insurance agent that will shop all the possible carriers to get you the best coverage for the best price. You also want friendly, personal service that a neighborhood agency affords. You want to call Sheri Wilson at Insurance Store of CT.

What determines the cost of your homeowners insurance premium? Your premium will vary based on things like the age of your home, the condition your home is in, its construction materials, and its location. We expect older homes to cost more to insure, and wood homes cost more to insure than those built of brick. Your credit history is a factor, crime statistics in Connecticut, your claims history, and whether you have a dog and what breed it is.

Fire and lightning coverage is included in most standard policies, but read your policy carefully to make sure this important coverage is not excluded. You should also ask your agent or broker if damage caused by perils associated with fire, such as smoke or damage caused by fire extinguishing agents, is covered under your policy.

Personal Property that you own that needs a greater amount of coverage than the rest of your belongings – items such as the family silver, antiques, heirloom items – should be itemized in a scheduled personal property endorsement.  By scheduling your irreplaceable valuables, you can recoup the potential loss of these items.

For more information about our homeowners insurance options, call Sheri Wilson at the Insurance Store of CT at 860-645-1960.

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