Why is life insurance important to have?

Life Insurance - South Windsor CT. Windsor CT
Life Insurance – South Windsor CT. Windsor CT

It is always helpful to contact an expert in the profession to help you make knowledge based decisions. The Insurance Store of Connecticut can help you find the information you need to ensure your piece of mind. Here are 3 reasons why Life Insurance is important to have:

1. To Protect Your Family and Loved Ones     If people depend on your financial support for their livelihood, then life insurance is very important, because it replaces your income when you die.

2. To Leave An Inheritance     Even if you don’t have other assets to pass to your family, you can create an inheritance by buying a life insurance policy and naming them as beneficiaries.

3. To Pay Off Debts and Other Expenses     In addition to providing income to pay for everyday living expenses, your family needs insurance to cover any debts, like the mortgage, credit cards and car loans.


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