Pet Insurance Glastonbury CT

Pet Insurance Glastonbury CTPet Insurance Glastonbury CT

Are you looking for pet insurance in Glastonbury, CT? Contact The Insurance Store of CT, we are now offering pet insurance! Pet insurance is a smart investment to make not only to protect your pets and get them the care they need, but it will also save you from blowing through your emergency funds in an unforeseen emergency. There are many benefits to obtaining pet insurance, some of which often get overlooked by pet owners. Read on as we discuss some of them further!

Does not discriminate against any breed or age of your pets.

While pets must be at least 8 weeks old to qualify for a policy, there is no discrimination against breeds and no physical exams are required for enrollment. Additionally, previous medical history will not affect obtaining a policy down the line. It is important to note, that there is no maximum age for a policy, so it’s truly never too late to insure your pets. It is definitely advisable to obtain pet insurance as soon as you adopt your pet to obtain lower premiums, but you can also insure your pet years later.

Pick your own veterinarian.

Pet insurance policies differ from ours in that you can obtain care from any veterinarian. It’s as simple as getting them the appropriate care and providing your insurance company with the bill. Your insurance company will then reimburse you for any qualified expenses!

Budget pet care costs appropriately.

One of the best things about pet insurance, is that they are paid for monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. This means that you can pick the option that best suits you and your family! Furthermore, you’ll be able to budget your pet’s insurance so that it doesn’t cause a financial strain. Additionally, many insurance companies offer discounts for multiple pets.

Have peace of mind when it comes to medical care.

When you have pet insurance, you’ll have the freedom to choose treatments for your pets based on the best medical option, not the best price. Too often, pet owners are faced with incredibly hard financial situations when their pets get sick. Unfortunately,  some pet owners fail to get their pets proper care to avoid this.

If you are ready to enroll your pet in a pet insurance policy, give us a call today at (860) 645-1960. At The Insurance Store of CT, you can rest assured that we will find the most suitable policy for your family pet. Visit our website for further information on our services. You can also like us on Facebook!

Pet Insurance Glastonbury CT