Homeowners Insurance Andover CT

You have just bought a beautiful home in Andover CT. The next most important purchase you make is your Home Insurance policy. The major reason to have home insurance is to protect your assets, your property, and people injured on your property. The mortgage lender requires you to have insurance as long as you have a mortgage. The Insurance Store of Connecticut in Manchester wants to show you how to get the best coverage at the lowest rates. When purchasing homeowners insurance for the first time, a little research can help you make the best choice in coverage. It is always a good practice to get price quotes from several companies to compare coverage options and deductibles. When you select an Independent Insurance Agent, you may be able to shop several top companies with a single call. The Insurance Store of CT specializes in providing renter, condo, and home insurance policies based on your dwelling and the personal property within your home. Ask your agent about discounts. You will want to choose the highest deductible you can afford, which may lower your premium but you will be paying more out of pocket should you have a claim. When you choose to purchase a Homeowners Policy with The Insurance Store of CT, rest assured that Sheri Wilson and her staff will work hard to find you the best coverage at the best rates in Connecticut. Stop into our Manchester office or give us a call today at (860) 645-1960 for a consultation.

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