If you need home business insurance in Bloomfield CT, look no further than The Insurance Store of Connecticut. Do not mistakenly believe that just because you run your business from your home that you do not need home business insurance. You still face a number of risks. Sheri Wilson at The Insurance Store of Connecticut is waiting to answer your questions about how and why you might benefit from home business insurance. Here are several key questions to contemplate if you are wondering whether you would benefit from home business insurance:

– Will clients be visiting your home office?
– Will you have any employees working at your home?
– Is any inventory kept at your home?
– Where are your employee and client records kept?
– If your home was damaged, would you lose your business?

All of these questions are exceedingly important to think about. If you run your business from your home, your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy might not be adequate. In certain circumstances, policies even explicitly exclude business-related liability claims (i.e. if a client were to get injured on your property). When you call The Insurance Store of Connecticut, we take the time to explain to you the various insurance types that work to protect your home-based business. Several examples of these policies include, general liability, a business owner’s policy, and a business owner’s policy with endorsements.

Over half of all United States small businesses are run out of residential homes. Do not falsely assume that you do not need separate insurance for your home-based business. Additionally, do not believe that business insurance policies have to be expensive. Call The Insurance Store of Connecticut today. Our experts are happy to explain all of your home business insurance options. Reach out today at 860-645-1960.


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