When you need business insurance South Windsor CT, you are in luck! Get the best insurance coverage at the lowest rates with The Insurance Store of Connecticut. Comprehensive coverage is a phone call away! Many people believe that business insurance is just for large corporations. That couldn’t be further from the truth! If you own a small to medium-sized company in Connecticut, you need to protect yourself and your assets with comprehensive business insurance coverage.

Business insurance is a type of insurance that provides protection to business owners against financial losses. It covers losses due to theft, damages, and other losses, which are caused by events such as fire, flood, natural disasters and explosions. Business owners need this coverage because it protects their investments in equipment and inventory from damage or theft. Without insurance, they might not be able to rebuild their company after a disaster has occurred.

Business Insurance Types

E&O Insurance– E&O Insurance is an umbrella term for professional liability coverage for attorneys, accountants, architects and engineers. The acronym stands for errors and omissions/professional liability coverage that can protect professionals against mistakes made in their work leading to injury or property damage to others.

Property Insurance– Most businesses need property insurance for their buildings and equipment and liability coverage that protects them. It is also wise to invest in business interruption coverage because this protection will help keep your company afloat during an unforeseen event like fire or storm damage.

Workers’ Comp– In the United States, many different insurance types can be purchased to protect a business. One type is Workers’ Compensation Insurance. This insurance plan protects employees from injuries and illnesses they may suffer while working for your company. It also provides benefits if the employee becomes disabled or dies because of an injury or illness at work. Workers’ comp pays for medical care, lost wages during work, and funeral expenses if death results from a workplace injury or illness.

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