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The Insurance Store of CT is your best source for boat and yacht insurance. All over the state of Connecticut, boat owners just cannot wait to get out on the water. What a thrill when you can get out on the river or Long Island Sound for a well deserved excursion. Connecticut is a beautiful state, full of natural beauty and waterways. If you are a boat owner, after you clean the boat and before you set sail, call The Insurance Store of Connecticut. Make sure your insurance needs are up to date with your local boat insurance agency. There are a few misconceptions about boating insurance that we would like all CT boaters to know.

1. Don’t cancel your insurance once your boat is paid off. Your boaters insurance covers more than just the boat itself. If covers things like personal injury, environmental cleanup and a slew of additional items that could ruin your family’s financial future.

2. Reducing liability, although you may save on monthly premium costs, lowering your liability may not be able to protect all of your assets.

3. Cancelling your boat insurance off season.  Off season cancellations could potentially risk your boat when it’s not in the water. Cancelling your insurance off season leaves you in a dangerous situation if there is a fire or if a tree falls.

Our job is to make sure your property and passengers are protected. Don’t let improper coverage sink your boat. Call The Insurance Store of Connecticut for all of your boating insurance needs. 860-645-1960.

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