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Get great boat and watercraft insurance coverage through The Insurance Store of CT. When is starts to smell like spring and the weather is warm, boaters get the itch to get out on the water. Boating allows you to get away from it all, take in the fresh air and leave your troubles behind for a while. Get the peace of mind of knowing you do not have to worry about your craft or your guests should a mishap occur. The Insurance Store of CT can find you the best boat and watercraft protection available. As an independent insurance agency, we shop many carriers to offer you the best insurance coverage at the lowest rates.

Soon Connecticut boaters will start cleaning up their boats and getting them out in the water.  If you are a boat owner, this year don’t just clean the boat before you set sail, call The Insurance Store of Connecticut. We have a few warnings about boating insurance that we would like all CT boaters to know. First of all,  don’t cancel your insurance once your boat is paid off. Your boaters insurance covers more than just the boat itself. If covers things like personal injury, environmental cleanup and a slew of additional items that could ruin your family’s financial future. Next, do not reduce your liability. Although you may save on monthly premium costs, lowering your liability may not adequately protect all of your assets.  Next,  do not cancel your boat insurance off season.  Off season cancellations could potentially risk your boat when it’s not in the water. Cancelling your insurance off season leaves you in a dangerous situation if there is a fire, a storm, or if a tree falls. Don’t let improper coverage sink your boat. Call Sheri at The Insurance Store of Connecticut for all of your boating insurance needs. 860-645-1960.

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